Leva Luxury, the first electromechanical machine with electronic temperature control.

La San Marco has decided to equip Leva Luxury, the top of the lever machine range, with a PID system. The system, already widely used in modern industrial systems, allows not only electronic control over the water in the boiler but its easy adjustment for the first time on a completely electromechanical machine.


The PID system (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) works by electronically modulating the energy supplied to the heating element, thus keeping the temperature constant and replacing the current pressure switch which is unable to guarantee constant temperature.


La San Marco adds a sixth element – Monitoring, essential for an even better coffee – to the traditional five key elements that go towards preparing a well-made espresso coffee (Blend, Grinding, Machine, Maintenance, Hand).

The advantages of the PID system

some products with this technology


The innovative coffee machine that changes the face of your bar


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