19 June 2024

Technology in coffee grinders: precision and innovation

La San Marco, a renowned Italian company and leader in the coffee machine sector, has brought technological innovation to the world of coffee grinders as well. Continuous research and development have enabled the creation of a range of products that combine precision, efficiency, and superior quality, making every cup of coffee a unique experience. Among the most significant patents are the manual continuous analog precision adjustment ring, the new zero retention grinders, the grinding speed control, and the centrifugal cleaning system.

Manual Continuous Analog Precision Adjustment Ring

One of La San Marco’s most revolutionary patents is the manual continuous analog precision adjustment ring. This system allows you to adjust the grind size of the coffee with extreme precision, considering atmospheric humidity conditions, the blend, and the type of burrs used. The new ring, made of technopolymer with metal nanoparticles, not only improves the aesthetics and readability of the setting with a micrometer scale and a precise zero position reference but also allows you to vary the distance between the burrs continuously. This enables more effective extraction of volatile substances, resulting in a coffee with an excellent aromatic profile. Furthermore, the adjustment system is completely independent of the burrs, ensuring that adjustments can be made even during grinding in complete safety.

Other Innovative Patents

La San Marco doesn’t stop at precision adjustment. Among other patents, the new zero retention grinders are designed to eliminate all residual ground coffee, ensuring that each grinding cycle is not contaminated by residues from previous cycles. This guarantees consistent and superior quality in every cup. The grinding speed control in the SMART-V models allows you to set the burr speed in a range from 400 to 1200 rpm, offering baristas the flexibility to find the ideal combination for each blend. Finally, the centrifugal cleaning system ensures better cleaning of the grinding chamber and more precise dosing, eliminating residues from previous doses.1

Visit Us at the World of Coffee in Copenhagen

To discover all these innovations and more in person, we invite you to visit La San Marco’s stand at the World of Coffee in Copenhagen. It will be a unique opportunity to see our cutting-edge coffee grinders up close and to learn about the latest industry developments. We look forward to offering you a unique coffee experience.

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