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The new two-group espresso coffee machine developed by La San Marco was designed to guarantee speed, ease of use and simple maintenance.
It features up-to-date technology, innovative design and professional performance with heat exchangers in the boiler, one hot water wand and two steam wands.
Backlit keypads allow for a simple and intuitive programming and use of the machine.
Each brewing group keypad is equipped with four coffee programmable coffee doses (single and double shot, both short and regular) as well as a start/stop button for manual control.
The keypad of the hot water wand is equipped with two programmable water doses as well as a start/stop button for manual control.
Two convenient removable stainless steel risers, one for each group, allow for the use of either small cups (espresso) or tall cups (take away), in the range 8 to 14 cm.
Being a full sized 2-group machine, a central hot water wand and two side steam wands complete the equipment.
The large surface on the top works as a fenced cup warmer.
By using DELECTA, anyone can serve excellent espresso coffees with perfect crema, precise volumetric dosing and thermal stability, combined with powerful steam delivery for cappuccino and other milk based beverages.
The result is a very affordable model with attractive aesthetics
and performance-oriented technological features, a further example of La San Marco equipment that combines Italian design and professional functionality at their best.


Large Upper Cup Warmer Base

New five-key backlit rapid-Response keyboard

The broad upper base doubles as a convenient cup warmer surface. Its ample width accommodates multiple cups simultaneously.


Individual Group Temperature Setting


Backlit keyboard: intuitiveness and customization

The backlit keyboard includes two keypads for the coffee brewing groups, both illuminated for ease of programming and use in any lighting condition. Each keypad provides four programmable coffee servings – single or double, regular or long. Additionally, a manual start/stop function grants further control over the brewing process. This keyboard also features two programmable doses for tea brewing (short and long) through the hot water wand.

Removable Steel Elevations

Removable steel risers for versatility and elegance, suitable for various cup sizes

The stainless steel coffee maker elevations embody both functionality and design. These two detachable supports, with heights of 8 cm and 14 cm, are perfectly suited for cups of different sizes. When removed, the machine retains a sleek, minimalist appearance. However, with the elevations in place, it gains instant versatility, accommodating both smaller espresso cups and larger long coffee cups.

Colori di serie

matt white

matt black

Colori optional

glossy white

cherry red

light blue met.


  • Internal rotary vane volumetric pump.
  • Stainless steel boiler with 10 litres capacity.
  • Automatic purging cycles.
  • Programmable electronic preinfusion.
  • Brewing cycles counters.
  • Stainless steel body with anti-fingerprint treatment.
  • Cup height variable in the range 8-14 cm. with/without support 
  • Autofill electronic system with missing water alarm 
  • Keypad with 4 programmable doses for each brewing group 
  • Start/stop manual button for each brewing group 
  • Keypad with 2 programmable doses for hot water dispenser. 
  • Start/stop manual button for hot water dispenser 
  • Two manual steam wands, toggle type


  • Cool touch steam wand (each wand).
  • FTL (each steam valve).
  • Cup warmer.
  • External motor pump.
  • Boiler insulation coating 2 gr.
  • PID system.
  • Groups with 58mm diameter
  • Optional work surface led lighting (one fix colour: white)
  • Wooden handles

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