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D. MBV Collection
Form and function in perfect harmony

D. MBV is a multiboiler model available in two versions, with 2 and 3 dispenser groups.


It’s the top model of the D. Collection and it incorporates pressure profiling technology, which allows the barista to precisely regulate the pressure profile, adjustable for every dose in each coffee dispenser group. Furthermore, it includes the “temperature profiling” technology and a 5” touch screen control panel for each group.


A product created in the spirit of elegance, tradition, and lightness. Sculpted, automotive-inspired lines, lacquered side-finishings, and a soft-touch rubber effect on the upper frame, in the lower base, and in the rear panelling. The functional parts feature anti-fingerprint polished steel, and copper-hued detailing (or purple, in the British Green model) frames the keypad panel and chassis.
The stainless steel cup-warming surface is contoured with white LED-lit illuminated profiles, which add to those positioned in the lower part, designed to provide perfect lighting to the worktop.


Touch technology

Keypad with capacitive touch technology

Capacitive touch technology enables the management of commands without moving parts, creating a multi-sensory environment and a new relationship with everyday life. The replacement of traditional components with other innovative touch screens enables the elimination of mechanical and metallic actuators from traditional keypads ensuring higher reliability, lifespan, and protection from mechanical problems. Intuitive and simple, customisable and programmable, the touchpad combines its practicality with the charm and versatility of communication through today’s devices. The electronic principle behind the capacitive touch screen technology used in the keypads is based on controlling the variation of the electrical field acting on the screen in a similar way to the functioning of state-of-the-art smartphones and tablets.

APP Technology

Remote control through an app via email, bluetooth and wi-fi

The 100 Touch model comes with a dedicated APP (downloadable from this page on our website) to remotely control the machine in an immediate, simple, and intuitive way. Through this App the User, who is assigned a username and password, can not only set up, manage, and control the machine first-hand via Bluetooth, but they can also monitor and optimise its performance and efficiency through analysis of the recorded operational and statistical data, which are available even at a great distance to authorised recipients via email.


The top-of-the-range version of D. offers the multi-boiler configuration with continuous pressure and temperature variation.

Controlling the water pressure allows to reproduce the traditional lever dispensing process in an electronic environment where the trend varies through phases of growth and decrease over the delivery time. The experienced barista can work with the classic lever profile or create, thanks to the action of an asynchronous motor and a system of stepper motor valves, a different profile according to the type of coffee used.







  • Touch screen control panel with 5” display per group, with 4 programmable doses for each dispenser group plus a semi-automatic start/stop function button (max. 0.5 litres)

  • “Purge” button to wash the dispenser group before every brew

  • 2x programmable doses of hot water (single and double)

  • Mixer for water temperature regulation

  • 2 x lever-driven steam wands

  • Single-group boiler temperature and pressure display

  • Steam/hot water boiler temperature and pressure display
  • Automatic electronic temperature regulation for each individual group

  • Automatic electronic temperature regulation for steam/hot water boiler

  • Pressure profile programming (only for d. mbv)

  • Built-in 330 w water-cooled motor-pump (external 300 w air-cooled version on request) (only for d. mbv)

  • Single-group stainless steel boiler capacity 0.4 litres – heating element 1250w
  • Stainless steel steam boiler (2-group version): capacity 12 litres – heating element 3000w

  • Worktop lighting with white led technology

  • Smudge-proof stainless steel surfaces

  • Automatic wash cycle

  • Dose control during brew through three-colour filling bar (blue, green, red)


  • Standard machine with 2x available heights for the worktop 8 cm (raised 10 cm)

  • Electric cup-warmer, 100 w (2 groups) and 125 w (3 groups)

  • Automatic steam wand (autosteam)
  • Connection with smartphone or tablet via app with bluetooth/wi-fi

  • Fine tuning lever (ftl) system for precision steam control

  • Cool touch steam wand with peek terminal
  • Wooden handles

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