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105 MB ACT Collection
New technology

The 105 MULTIBOILER ACT is available in six versions with 2 and 3 groups, each available with 3 different work surface heights (standard, intermediate and high).

A latest generation machine characterised by a prestigious design, allowing simplified programming and control of all main operating parameters to ensure the best quality coffee in the cup.

The 105 MULTIBOILER ACT is equipped with a touch panel with a graphic icon display that allows the same kind of instant access as a smartphone to all the functions available in the menu. The temperatures of the coffee dispensing groups, which are always on-screen, can be adjusted separately with the possibility of configuring a personalised extraction profile for every individual dose and checking that the best temperature is maintained during operation.
A great deal of attention has been paid to the ergonomics as well, thanks to the choice of three different heights and the possibility of modifying the work top lighting with multi-coloured LEDs.


SISTEMA ACT (Advanced Concepts in Technology)

An electronic pressure measurement system replaces the analogue pressure

An electronic pressure measurement system replaces the analogue pressure gauge controlling the pump and the boiler dedicated to producing steam and hot water. This solution means that not only can milk be frothed perfectly, but the temperature of each individual extraction group remains stable and provides water at a constant temperature for making tea.
To guarantee the best energy performance possible, the machine can be put in stand-by and reactivated with a simple touch of the “fast warm-up” button.


Remote control through APP via E-mail and Bluetooth

The 105 Multiboiler ACT model has a dedicated APP to manage the machine remotely in an immediate, simple, and intuitive way. Through the App, the users, who have an assigned username and password, can not only configure, manage, and control the machine by himself via Bluetooth, but also to monitor and optimize its operation and efficiency through the analysis of recorded operational and statistical data at their disposal even from great distances by authorized recipients via e-mail.


A temperature curve from four possible profiles

A temperature curve from four possible profiles with a range +/- 2.5°C can be set for every individual dose. The temperature set on the dispenser group is just the starting point for obtaining the best extraction thanks to the four profiles available, even for the most refined palates and sophisticated blends.
  • Constant TEMPERATURE curve
  • Decreasing TEMPERATURE curve
  • Decreasing/increasing TEMPERATURE curve
  • Increasing/decreasing TEMPERATURE curve
Each curve allows the barista to personalise the individual dose of the individual group and to obtain the best extraction for the numerous qualities and different tastes that can be obtained from the coffee.
Once the desired curve has been configured for a dose, you can check that the extraction temperature follows the chosen curve while the coffee is being dispensed and that the quantity of the dose dispensed is correct: all in real-time without having to wait until the end of the process.
Preparing a coffee with NEW 105 MULTIBOILER ACT is a real-time, on-the-spot interchange between the barista and the machine: a new concept of man-machine interaction.


3 different work surface heights

The 105 Multiboiler Act is available with 3 different work surface heights (standard, intermediate and high). Disappearing trays in the high version allow use of the machine even with traditional espresso cups.


Metalized Red

Metalized sky blue

Metalized grey

Metalized Anthracite

optional finishing

matt black

glossy white


  • Internal electric water pump

  • Led water level indicator

  • Led backlit display and keypad

  • Keypad with 4 programmable coffee doses for each group

  • Start/stop button for each group
  • No. 2 manual steam wands with knob action

  • Mixer for water temperature regulation

  • Coffee flow rate control with grinding/doses check alert

  • Smudge-proof stainless steel surfaces

  • Pid system for boiler temperature regulation
  • Automatic wash cycle

  • Boiler for each group in stainless steel: capacity 0.4 litres

  • Steam boiler in stainless steel (2 group models: capacity 10 litres – 3 group models: capacity 12 litres)

  • Work surface with multicolour led technology lighting

  • 3 possible work surface heights


  • Connection with smartphone or tablet via app with bluetooth

  • Cool touch steam wand with peek terminal

  • Fine tuning lever (ftl) system for precision steam control
  • External electric water pump

  • Electric cup warmer with thermostat

  • 1 x automatic steam wand (autosteam)
  • Higher power heating elements

  • Disappearing trays (high version only)


  • No. 4 programmable doses for each group with start/stop button

  • Automatic electronic regulation of coffee boiler temperature for each group (+/-1°)

  • Automatic electronic regulation of steam boiler temperature (+/- 1°)

  • Digital on-screen pressure display

  • “Stand-by” and “fast warm-up” mode

  • Steam/hot water boiler temperature display

  • Boiler temperature display for each individual group
  • Possibility to set serving temperature curve for each single dose

  • Check progress of delivery based on the preselected profile

  • Real-time pressure and temperature indication during dispensing

  • Electronic pre-infusion for every dose

  • Quantity programming in cm3 (ml) for each coffee dose

  • Programming of quantities in cm3 (ml) for hot water doses

  • Manual hot water temperature adjustment for preparing infusions
  • Date and time adjustment

  • Automatic on/off regulation

  • Indication of total number of coffees brewed by the machine

  • Indication of total number of coffees brewed by each group
  • Indication of total number of coffees brewed for each selection

  • Multilingual programming

  • Water softener filter resin regeneration warning

  • Automatic wash cycle

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