12 April 2023

D.Scovery MasterClass

For the first time, La San Marco opens its doors to Italy’s best coffee roasters to participate in an exclusive coffee masterclass: the ‘D.scovery Masterclass’.


The event will feature three exceptional speakers, each of whom will delve into a topic related to how the various parameters, from those relating to extraction methods to the characteristics and settings of the machine used, contribute to obtaining a cup of quality coffee.


It will be a day of training based on sharing opinions and expertise between the speakers and participants, with the aim of deepening their preparation in the coffee sector.

There will also be a presentation of La San Marco’s flagship products, tastings and a visit to the Castelvecchio farm for a comparative wine tasting in parallel with the coffee.


The event will be held in Gradisca d’Isonzo on 13 April and will be repeated on 14 April.

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The following is an overview of the speakers at the masterclass:


  • Mauro Iliano, taster, specialised editor for the Italian Sommelier Association of Naples and founder of the ‘Napoli Coffee Experience’ Academy, will give a lecture on new trends in Italian espresso coffee;
  • Andrej Godina, expert with extensive technical-scientific knowledge of the sector and trainer authorised by the Specialty Coffee Association, will give a lecture on Italian espresso coffee extraction technology and how extraction parameters can change the coffee flavour;
  • Francesco Costanzo, 2019 world record holder for the most cups of espresso coffee extracted in 60 minutes and CEO of Caffè Costanzo, will deliver a lecture on rediscovering lever extraction technology with parallel tasting and Lever and D technology.


The masterclass programme can be downloaded from the website.


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